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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
imagine me

today i had this conversation with Shu Wei (i think?) and Justin about the turnout of the ADPSC April Fool's Sleepover Party.

Shu Wei: a lot of people said they don't wanna come because they have church events.
Karen: Really? but its on a friday night till sat, not sunday!:)
Shu Wei: Are you christian?
Karen: (ofcoz, immediately, i said, NO. *in my head i'm catholic la duhh, i always distinguish between catholic and christians*) no. So whats up on sunday, its not even easter yet!
Shu Wei: its a Catholic thing.
Justin: Owwwhh..no wonder i don't know anything about it.
Karen: Whats up on Sunday?
Shu Wei: Its Palm Sunday!
Karen: Do catholics celebrate Palm Sunday on Fridays and Saturdays? *blur*
Shu Wei: Well, some churches have camps!:)
Karen: *face palms* Ohhh, kaysss...

HAHA. damn malu. i don't even know this Sunday's Palm Sunday! *-_-

owh well. i need friends like that to remind me :)

i printed out damn alot of past journals to bury my head in tmr. *DIE* so much to do, so little time!:(

i NEED to finish my design at least by Wednesday. then do business from thursday onwards. haihs. DIE LA really.

owh, did you read the previous post? its one damn lame thingy i found on friendster bulletin!

really, damn lame wan. i wonder who created this chain letters thingy. this one became damn lame, the creator of chain letters also will laugh his/her ass off. hehe.

read on!:)

i gtg sleep. planning to wakey early tmr to get parking space and read some stuff. sheeshh..

Karen wrote this at.. 3/28/2006 12:20:00 AM

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