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Friday, April 07, 2006
its been a while

wednesday+thursday. update

>>woke up late!ugh.
>>went to intro to RM
>>reparked my car
>>went for Student Council Interview. ugh. i totally made myself look so crap, i don't think i deserve any post. haha. i SO hate interviews. must i really tell them what i am capable of? like hello? i don't even know myself that well!
>>stayed at college till 4. did design
>>went to Jean's home. saw Lavena there with Praveen!:) hehe. so long never see her. Visited the old folks. our last visit for our projject!:( so sad, we took pictures and all.
>>went back home. did nothing.

>>woke up
>>went for design class.
>>went to TBR to pick up bbds
>>went to 1U
>>watched Lucky Number Slevin at GSC and Gubra by Yasmin Ahmad a TGV. GSC in 1U is SO much more comfy-er than TGV!:)
>>sent bbds to the station
>>went back home, helped mum pack. and sent them off. they are now currently on a plane to China. TOTAL FREEDOM FOR 5 DAYS!!!muahahahhahahaha..
>>ate dinner, watched the last ep of Project Runway.
>>took out hundreds of ticks from timtamboy!
>>came online.

its not exactly what i planned at the beginning of the week, but i'm trying OK!!:(

haih. this weekend is total studying weekend!

i was looking at Serena's blog and came across this person who is in ICU. he's a friend of Gracie and WingSun from their church. hope he gets well soon..

check this out! www.hucers.com
kinda cool eh? currently only can sign up for Research Colloqium!:)

tmr, im going swimming. then going to college. then going to come back and start my work!:( no stopping until the 29th of April!:)


Karen wrote this at.. 4/07/2006 12:48:00 AM

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