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Saturday, December 04, 2004
grad pics

when we were sitting down before the ceremony

after the ceremony....the five of us!

us with Mr Tan

wing sun and karen...they're so photogenic!ahahahha...im SO NOT!

karenm ms song, Glorie, Mr avila and me...and yeshhhh..that my flower!!! i had a flower! muahahahhaha! parents bought for me!

edboard pic...without mr tan..he wnet to the toilet!hahahah...too bad!

Syok sendiri post!

we had an after party?? hmmm.....hahahahhaha....it was actually ed board's long awaited BIG and i mena literally BIG dinner! we ate like pigs...everyone drank like 5 cups of drink as it was bottomless! heheh...at Chilli's 1Utama...

of course we had like so many cameras and i HAD to look elsewhere...

us again...

the backbone of ed board this sem! muahahahhaha....(syok sendiri) editor and sub editors!)

Molten chocolate cake!! muahahhaha....this cake rocks!

at the toliet...ha dto go..after 4 cups of lemonade!

so yeah....this is the front cover of the album..Riza pointed out something...we din have a maple leaf on the cover! hahaha...mistake!
but hey, we did this like in the last week!

thats about it! i have more pics! but too lazy to upload...these were from karen lee's multiply..

Karen wrote this at.. 12/04/2004 10:31:00 PM

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