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Saturday, August 21, 2004
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so many things happened this week. Like hoobastank…and other weird events..i actually wrote what to write on my bloggie in college…cos I think its just so weird…im currentlt typing this on Word…then transferring it to lj and blogspot.

1. Hoobastank
the concert was awesome!! Or maybe because I knew practically ALL their songs!
doug was so touched with Malaysian fans he actually cried. NOT! haha..but he did pretend to cry! ; p met David and his fren Al there…and also kumaran…saw iris there…that’s all I can remember laa..i was having fun most of the time!

2. Results..
Oh yeah…first tests done…results out…it was okayyylaa..not bad..
as usual, my friend Lim..he will boast for me…he’s like one BIG kiasu..he always will compare my results with his! So annoying okay!

Alright…what happened yesterday…
I went to watch a movie yesterday…”the sisters” it’s a Thai movie…and man its boring!
ha-ha…the last Thai horror movie I watched was so scary!!
So the movie was bad….to make it even worst, the cinema was so noisy!!
Throughout the whole movie. they were making so much noise…especially the guy in front of me…gosh…I felt like taking the bottle and whacking his head!
after the movie, I went back by train…and gosh I was squashed…hehehe…it was SO packed. Everyone just went in like as if we were in a mosh pit!

Today…what happened today…?
I’ve got this classmate in math class…her name’s SuSu(not her real name)ß did that for fun!
Anyways…SuSu is so weird man…she gets happy when her random number for probability in the calculator is the same with the lecturer…she smiled her I-am-so-smart-i-answered-the-question-smile….so immature..she also says “YESHH!!” with the hand motions…whenever she answers questions correctly. How weird…and when she doesn’t know how to do any work…she goes ‘haiyo…how ar…shit!!! How to do…mann…oh gosh…”
hahahhahahha.. weird character right?

next weird thing…my friends, grace, Karen lee and wing sun-they ADORE orang putih guys..and it would be an extra if you’re Australian…..I’m amazed man. I mean, they can go on and on about how cute orang putih’s are just by watching an Olympic swimming competition on tv…they even get excited when there was this orang putih guy in the coffee shop. he was sitting alone…they were actually contemplating to talk to him cos he’s “just so cute and he looks lonely” oh gosh…I was like if that was a cute Chinese guy, I don’t think they will even bother looking at him..
Another thing is…Australian idol…they ADORE Australians..that any guy with blue eyes is cute! I was like…he’s nott! Maybe it’s just me and orang putih….I don’t think they’re super cute!

Anyways, next weird story…girls and shopping!
(a) Girls just love shopping
(b) I don’t really like shopping

(a) + (b) = I’m not really a girl

check out my multiply thingy…where I “chuck” all my pictures

Karen wrote this at.. 8/21/2004 10:59:00 PM

Saturday, August 14, 2004

hahahhaa.....here i am blogging from the gogles toolbar thingy! chun huh! see ya!

Karen wrote this at.. 8/14/2004 09:22:00 PM

Monday, August 02, 2004

im feeling..: loved
Listening to..: paula cole-i don't wanna wait

okay...im so bored...maybe i should start studying business..im currently d/l songs from sarah mclaughlin...Kevin influenced me to listen to her...i kinda like her songs...im going through this phase...where i'm opening up to many other type of songs..instead of the usual rock...n stuffhmmm....hoobastank is coming! yay!im so going,but i have no money! hahahaha...i miss sidney!alot!

Karen wrote this at.. 8/02/2004 09:42:00 PM

Sunday, August 01, 2004
sidney ng,

sidney ng,
i miss you!

Karen wrote this at.. 8/01/2004 10:32:00 AM

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