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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Wheeeee....look at my butt!!

look at that cute lil baby! showing his cute butt! hahah....
college started! haha...here goes another 5 months of work?
hahah..anywayz, class is BORING!!!
well, i have complaints about all my classes!
Organizational Behaviour&HR
-elective course (course just for credit)
-Mr. Nathan Keller's teaching...he's quite okay...not bad lecturer..at least he's funny...and i like this subject, seems interesting! but i'd rather have Mr. Paul Z as my lecturer...he's better! hahah..but on the bright side, Mr. keller DOESN'T GIVE HW DURING WEEKENDS!!!muahahahhahahahahhaa...we were like, "wow...we love him!"
-my classmates..Aimn's in my class! yay! he's sitting beside me..altho he's great company, i can't really understand him when he's talking..ahhaha...he's Omanian..Lim's in my class too..Mandy, Vivian and a few of their friends...well they are the "chinese-staying somewhere in pj-gang" haha...they have a BIG clique-ALL chinese, probably all super rich, always look so perfect and has that "model" dressing/look.
-i HOPE the class will be better later...
International Business
-Ms. Sumathy's my lecturer..she's okay..well not okay..SUPER BORING! gosh, i wish i had another lecturer...ahahah..but EVERYONE said she's super nice...well, its only been a week, we'll see...
-KAREN LEE's in my class...and well, annoying Lim is in my class too...and guess wat? he comes for lunch with us too! we'll survive...only 5 months..met new friends...Rani, Hani, Alicia, josephine,and a few other indonesians..
-IB seems interesting...its so Econs..that day she was asking us some questions about multinationals..Karen and i answered so easily...hahha..and we looked at each other and said..."MR.G"
hahha...i so miss mr. G..he said he's coming back...to see us! haha..HOPE SO!
anywayz, there are many new lecturers...all young young ones...heheh..
okay...BREAK TIME!!
-lunch with KarenL, Grace, Lim (arrrgghhh!), Pei Shan, Victoria and Sara-my new Korean friend! she's 16 this year and super cute..hahah...like in a korean way..
-Wing Sun and Daniel's no longer with us...so sad...its like our gang is mising something..anywayz...we meet after class for about 5 minutes before everyone leaves!
back to class..
Mathematics of Data Management
-Boring Mr. Nithya teaches math..he does things so slow...and he will eventually try to make jokes..which no one laughs
-2 girls in my class all guys...and i don't really like the other girl...she has that stuck up look on her face...and SHE IS! gosh...luckily my first friend made is nicer..Errol Tan...sounds like an owl right? hahah..he has eyes problem...he can't see the board...even with contact lenses...his eyes moves when he looks straight..poor errol...
-other classmates...all so quiet...80% indonesian!hahahah...

alrights...thats all about my classes..i've got no homework this week...hehe..im enjoying my first weekend without homework! yay!
i won't be joining Student Council this year...i'll probably join EdBoard..and maybe a sport? haha..Karen = must loose weight!

Karen wrote this at.. 7/18/2004 09:53:00 PM

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